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Mozambique will be hosting the 13th conference and the 14th AGO of SADCOPAC in October. See here for details of the program and participants.

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  • Zambia has added a new resource: Auditor General In-depth Analysis - "It's the analysis you can't do without before a PAC session".
  • Discussion documents: We are requesting PAC support staff to provide their inputs on the attached documents.

  • World Bank strategic report and recommendations 2010 - 2014

Input requested

Input Requested from all PAC Networks: Global Study Group on PAC Oversight of Responses to National Crises

The first meeting of the Study Group, whose terms of reference and initial research is below, has taken place in Kathmandu, 11-12 March 2016.

The objectives of the Study Group are to:
  1. Consider the role of the PAC in examining responses to crises, including both natural and human-caused disasters, as well as health issues, that require emergency funding, either through consolidated revenues or Overseas Development Assistance (ODA);
  2. Identify performance as well as financial issues that should form the basis is for recommendations for future preparedness;
  3. Collaborate across PAC Associations to identify emerging PAC good practice globally; and
  4. Consider how PACs should plan for business continuity.

The Study Group's initial thinking is that the draft report will probably be laid out as:
  • Purpose of the Guide
  • Types of crisis
  • Role of the Government (political economy of greater PAC assertiveness)
  • Role of the SAI
  • Role of the PAC [see below for detail]
  • Opportunities for change
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Role of the PAC:
  • Institutional - mandate, limitations, other committees
  • Business continuity planning
  • Scrutinizing preparedness for crises - proactive and reactive approaches
  • During crises - ensuring government is acting quickly (timely intervention)
  • Overseeing reconstruction efforts (NGO funds outside system, ODA) - when PAC can act

Please email the Secretariat if you would like to make a submission about the work of your PAC or SAI in this area.

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